H7 Associates was formed in 2016 as a Marketing & Management Consultancy enterprise. In 2019, the company decided to expand the business and ventured into institutional sales of luggage products and gifts trading albeit limited to travel and professional luggage products and typically high-end keepsakes and souvenirs or gift items, primarily in leather and crystal.

Our philosophy:-

We understand the importance of proper business handling and brand awareness to organizations and how to enhance the same coupling with products in the same realm of brand equity. Our aim is to be a part of our customer’s growth and success along with enhancement of our customer's profile and brand equity. We endeavor to match our customer’s expectations to the smallest detail. At H7 Associates, we embrace the following simple business philosophies

  • Provide a one-stop solution to corporate needs – All products & services within our range

  • Innovate to help clients leave a lasting impression – Suggest the best alternatives

  • Provide customer satisfaction on product & services - Quality, Delivery & after sales service

  • Establish long-term relationships with clients and provide end-to-end solutions for
    • Requirement specification
    • Sourcing
    • Shipment, Customs Clearance, Delivery, etc.

H7 Associates, currently, has three divisions operating as independent units:

  • Marketing & Management Consultancy

  • Institutional Sales: Branded Luggage Keepsakes, Gifts (Samsonite)

  • Premium Corporate Gifts


Marketing & Management Consultancy

The first division deals with Marketing and Management Consultancy and the activities include

  • Advising & Managing Accounting Functions

  • Cash Flow Management

  • Budget Preparations

  • Bank Related Issues

  • HR functions

  • Compliance issues

  • KYC (Know Your Customer) Documentation

  • Vetting of Contracts

  • Administrative Issues Management

The division prides itself in helping small and medium businesses to ensure a proper functioning of the operations including compliance and adherence to the local laws in the UAE. We also help in managing proper accounts and ledgers for small businesses who do not have a proper accounting department from a need perspective but need the finances to be managed by an external firm on an economically feasible basis. We offer such services as above on monthly and weekly basis.

We also help assist small businesses in terms of handling the operations with the bank and compliance issues with financial institutions. We can help, to ensure documents and the correct, legal ways of securing finance from banks and other financial institutions.

Certain HR functions like visa related issues and resolutions of the same fall within our advisory services .

Institutional Sales: Luggage Keepsakes, Gifts

The second division is the trading arm and the activities include trading of:

  • Institutional luggage products (Samsonite) to institutions like banks and the corporate

  • Professional Leather products (Executive laptop bags & Wallets)

  • Other leather products like ladies’ clutches, wallets, belts, etc.

  • Crystal Products

  • Novelties

  • Premium Corporate Gifts

Within this division, we carry out our trading activities.

The activity primarily involves branded luggage products from Samsonite brands to the corporate.

We are able to secure the products at a significantly lower price compared to the retail but the business is limited to B2B business and we do not involve in any retail sales activities.

We also help arrange logistics for these orders.

Another aspect of the trading business is export to other countries in the region. We arrange for shipment, logistics, etc. in such cases too.

The goods are ideal for large companies, corporate in general, organizations with high number of employees, government sector entities and MNCs.

Premium Corporate Gifts

The third division of H7 deals in Corporate gifts apart from branded products of the Samsonite group. This arm primarily caters to gifting with focus on high-end leather products, cruýstal goods, novelties etc.

Corporate Gifting is about: Recognition, Reassurance, Reward, Retention

The above aspects are generally applied to : Suppliers, Customers, Service Providers, Employees

Corporate gifting conveys an expression of gratitude to the employees who toil hard for the organization and to the loyal clients, suppliers and service providers, who repose their trust in an organization’s capabilities to serve them or generate business for them. It maintains a healthy, cordial and strong relationship between the organization and employees and between two businesses. It is one of the most effective communication tools these days which can be used both within and outside an organization.

Corporate gifts are typically used to convey messages as below,

  • Within the Organization: Employee Loyalty / Appreciation / Encouragement, etc.
  • Within business fraternity: Customer Loyalty / Long-term association / Business, etc.
  • Marketing Function: Create awareness / Renew relations / Acquire new customers